Bell Brothers Nurseries are a market leader in the supply of bedding and flowering pot plants and pride ourselves on our quality of products.

We have a range of facilities here at Bell Brothers Nurseries, including propagation, transplant, crop production, order picking, quality control and dispatch.


Propagation is the first stage in production. We have state of the art seeding machines that place seeds directly into plug cells for the germination process. This takes place in computer controlled atmosphere to ensure efficient and uniform germination.


The plugs once grown to an adequate size are then transplanted, using modern machinery. The finished packs / pots are then placed in the glass houses for final stage of growing on and hardening off.

Crop Production

The nursery is also controlled by advanced computer systems. As the plants mature they are moved from one growing area to another, this achieves the best results for the plants performance.

Quality Control

Our level of quality contol and inspection, from growing to distribution, is taken to the highest level. Our team of quality control experts check all our plants during each stage of its devolpment.