About Bell Brothers Nurseries

Bell Brothers Nurseries Ltd are situated in the heart of Lincolnshire's major growing area, benefitting from the excellent weather conditions.

We are a market leader in the supply of bedding and flowering pot plants and pride ourselves on our quality of products.

We produce a phenomenal range of items for a large customer base. Customers include garden centres, supermarkets, DIY stores, wholesalers and local councils.

Propagation is the first stage in production. We have state of the art sowing machines that place seeds directly into plug cells for the germination process. This takes place in computer controlled atmosphere to ensure efficient and uniform germination.

The plugs once grown to an adequate size are then transplanted using modern machinery. The finished packs / pots are then placed in the glass houses for the final stage of growing on and hardening off. Ready for the customer!

We are actively involved in various research and development programs which aim at producing new strains of plants, thus continuing to bring exiting new varieties of plants into every home.

Many of the plants we grow are produced on a seasonal basis.

More Information

For more information please contact us on 01205 760 319 or email info@bellbrothersnurseries.co.uk